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AC repair and services should be handled by a professional. Our crew can be your AC service specialist. They can do the job safely and reliably. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience, and they arrive ready to work.


Hap Serv specialize in AC repair and service. We serve for the customers in and around Coimbatore. We skilled in servicing all major brands of AC and also we do service for all types like window AC, split AC, tower AC. Below listed are some of the brands we de service.

  • Godrej
  • O General
  • Videocon and more

Air cooling is a standard method of system cooling used to method of dissipate heat. The object being cooled will have a flow of air moving over its surface. Most air cooling systems use a combination of fans and heat sinks, which exchanges heat with air.

Split AC is usually whole house where the condensor is outside and the evaporater is in the Since the AC-130 is a modified A split-system air conditioner splits the hot side from the cold side of the I like and intrest A/c work becouse my favorate job A/C servicing and maintanance.C-130, it carries both designators. A split air conditioner consists of two main parts: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. … The ductwork required for many traditional A/C units generally increases

In all of the air conditioning systems we’ve described so far, air is used to dissipate heat from the compressor coils. In some large systems, a cooling tower is used instead. The tower creates a stream of cold water that runs through a heat exchanger, cooling the hot condenser coils. The tower blows air through a stream of water causing some of it to evaporate, and the evaporation cools the water stream. One of the disadvantages of this type of system is that water has to be added regularly to make up for liquid lost through evaporation. The actual amount of cooling that an air conditioning system gets from a cooling tower depends on the relative humidity of the air and the barometric pressure

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